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Bus from Siena to Florence

We will be returning our car to the Siena city office, then we plan to take the bus to Florence. Does anyone know what bus to take, is there a website? Where does it leave you off? Thanks!

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I imagine Sita ( would be the most likely bus company, there may be other private coaches as well. The bus to Florence will drop you off at the main Train station in Florence, near the city center. Rick Steves books on Siena gives good information as well. I recall that buses run frequently (hourly?), are cheap, and take about an hour or just over.

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There are two types of SITA buses. The Rapido and the local. You most likely want the Rapido. Expect about 6.50Euro for the ticket each way. You can also take the train to the Siena stop but it's about 1km from the town and its all uphill. There are local buses from the train station to and from the town.

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The bus from Siena to Florence departs from Piazza Gramsci and goes to the Florence bus station, which is a block from the Santa Maria Novella train station. The rapido bus will make a couple of stops in Florence before it reaches the bus station, the final stop and the one you'll want. Note that you can buy your tickets for the bus at the bus station ticket windows below Piazza Gramsci.

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My wife and I actually took the SITA bus FROM Florence to Siena, a stopover for a night on our way to Rome, in December. The SITA bus is no problem, and the drive is a nice one. Was pretty cheap, too...and frequent.

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We took the bus from Siena to Florence and while the ride was nice and scenic, it was tough to figure out which bus to get on and where to buy tickets. We ended up arriving at the area in Siena where the buses leave and just asking someone which bus went to Florence. When we got to Florence the bus dropped us off at a bus station right near the Santa Maria Novella train station, it was an easy walk to our hotel from there!