Bus from Siena to Assisi

Hi, Does anyone know of what the bus schedules are like to get from Siena to Assisi in October? We're hoping to leave from Siena some time in the afternoon and would like to avoid the 4 hour trek by train. Thanks for the help in advance! :)

Posted by Greg
Vancouver, B.C., Canada
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The bus website is not very user friendly; they usually post the schedules about a month in advance. I tried to reserve my ticket online but it didn't work, so we just bought the tickets in town the day before. It used to be 12 Euros but in May it went up to 19 Euros plus 1 Euro handling charge (still not bad). Check the website; when we travelled in May there was only 1 bus a day and it was in the morning. In Assisi we stayed at the Hotel Berti; small but decent and quiet despite being across the street from the bus station. Allow a full day for Assisi.

Posted by Larry
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Jessie, here's a link to a picture of the bus schedule for the middle of October. http://gyazo.com/68caeaf36e8b8b976516d0ba8acf72b9 1 bus run a day in the late afternoon. 1hr45min is not bad. The bus run ends at Piazza Garibaldi in Santa Maria Degli Angeli. I'm not sure if there is a local bus from there up to Assisi or if the bus from Siena stops at the Assisi train station which is also in Santa Maria Degli Angeli also. (The sign at the station says Assisi but its not in Assisi). One way or another, you need to take a taxi or bus up to Assisi. The bus is much less expensive. My wife and daughter will be making the same trip in early October but they will have a rental car as they are touring Tuscany and Umbria.

Posted by Jessie
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Great, thanks for the help everyone! I really appreciate it! :)