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Bus from Montepulciano to Siena

I'm hoping to take a bus from Montepulciano to Siena, but I can't figure out what times the busses leave. My husband and I were hoping go on a vineyard tour, then take a later bus to Siena. Does anyone know what time the last bus leaves?

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The TI office near the entrance to the old part of town can supply you with the times. Be careful, though: I got really messed up in May when going by their schedule--I don't know what happened, but I waited in the appropriate place at the bus station and missed the bus--even after asking the bus driver if his was the bus to Siena. The electronic sign on the front of the bus did not say Siena and the driver claimed he wasn't going to Siena. After the bus pulled out the guy working the bar in the station said, "You just missed the last bus to Siena." The driver of the only bus left and the bar guy had an exchange in Italian that I didn't understand (rather heated). I got back to Siena that night with the help of the second driver who dropped me off at a train station with service to Siena. I speak enough Italian to get by and have never had this sort of thing happen during my 4 other visits, so just a heads-up. To answer your question, I think the last bus is at 5:15.

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I was glad to see this posting as I want to do the same in October. I am thinking I will do a mini van half day tour though, the guidebook has some info on a tour company. I like these kind of worry free tours. And as far as the 'mess up' seems this is one of those travel realities, I had a similiar thing happen at the Shannon Airport, and they spoke English!

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I had a similiar prob in 2004 and ended up running for the last bus from Montepulciano to Siena. It was around 5:30 or 6pm. very early and this was in summer.
The schedules are readily avail at bus station in Siena. best to take a tour or get a driver and not end the eve so early.