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Bus From Florence to Greve

Hi..Does anyone have an idea of the bus(SITA) schedule from Florence to Greve? Is it daily and what are the times? I tried to read the schedule but it was too confusing..Thanks

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This is the schedule you want to use:

as for the crazy symbols:
the hammers mean Monday thru Saturday
the cross means Sundays and Holidays
the little A in a circle means Monday thru Friday

then there are buses that run on one day only, and those use the day of the week symbol: LUN (mon), MAR (tue), MER (wed), GIO (thur), VEN (fri), and SAB (sat).

There are a few numbered notes, and those are defined right on the schedule itself -- if you need help translating, let me know.

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Judith-I am so disappointed in myself. I apparently threw away my copy of the bus schedule (I guess we were pretty full coming back), but I can tell you a few things I remember. The bus ran every day-but more were scheduled on week days. It is a commuter type of a bus so it starts very early (between 5 and 6 am) but stops running in the evening-I think the last bus back to Greve was about 8:30. Because it is a commuter-there are a quite a few buses that head into Florence in the morning and quite a few that head back to Greve between 4 and 5. The rest of the time it is about every 1/2 hour or so. (I think it may even stretch out to an hour the last couple of the evening) It is really easy to catch the bus in Greve. To get back, I recommend you use the main bus terminal in Florence rather than try to pick it up on the street. The bus terminal is right next to the train terminal-as you stand outside with your back to the Duomo, the bus terminal will on the left. You actually have to go in the building to catch the bus and there are people there who can help you find the right one. (there are many buses going all different areas. We just asked where we bought the tickets, and the man said to catch it in at parking spot 3) You can buy all your tickets in advance and then just validate them as you board the bus. We were a little nervous about missing the last bus, so we always opted to catch the next to the last bus so that we had a back up if something went wrong and we missed it. The TI in Greve can give you a very easy to read schedule. (one sheet with all the times on it) Let me know if I can answer any other questions. I can't remember how much it cost, but it was reasonable and many stores in Greve sold bus tickets as well as the TI. P.S. I just notices you may be going from Florence to Greve-the information is the same but there will be fewer buses in the morning going to Greve and fewer buses coming back to Florence. Let me know if I can answer any other ??

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I wonder what happened with my post...
Just a few hours ago I posted a link to SITA web site.

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Bea: It's still there, in To The East click here to go to itSometimes they're difficult to find, happens to me all the time.

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Ahh, I see Kent.
Judith posted the message in 2 places.