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Bus from Florence airport to Lucca?

I am reading conflicting information as to whether there is a bus from the airport. Does anyone know the current situation regarding a bus or taking the tram into Florence then the train to Lucca?

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Yes there are buses. The web site rome2rio offers different options for travel anywhere.

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Yes, I use it frequently. However, I’ve found other references that say there is only the tram into Florence then the train. That’s my confusion.

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What other references?

The airport's official site or some blogger? Before Covid the Peretola-Lucca bus was run by a company called CTT Lucca, line DD. Check if CTT has a Facebook page and try to ask 'em.

Maybe The Tram&train combo has reduced the number of locals using the bus, while Covid has reduced the number of tourists flying into Peretola and taking the bus?

Do not fully trust Rome2Rio, it's a first step.

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Timetable below (The bus line is 'DD') click under 'Orario', a PDF document.

The bus originates from downtown Florence, the bus stop at the airport is only an intermediate stop just before the bus enters the A11 freeway to Lucca. So regardless of air traffic (which these days is down to a minimum at FLR Peretola), the bus runs as usual, because it's used by commuters a lot.

The bus stop is a short walking distance from the terminal, on Viale Luder, the boulevard that leads to the A11 freeway. Here is the map location:

Below is an image shot of the actual bus stop on viale Luder. The brown 3 story building in the background is the arrival terminal.

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Thank you so much, Roberto. The website for the bus isn’t very user friendly, but with your help, I think I’ve got it!