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Budget for transportation costs?

Hi all,
My family of 6 (4 kids ages 17, 15, 13, 7) will be traveling for a month in Italy. I am trying to figure out our budget for train travel across the country. Our rough travel outline is:
Rome to Pompeii
Pompeii to Rome
Rome to Orvieto
Day trips from Orvieto
Orvieto to Cinque Terre (haven’t figured out this route yet)
Cinque Terre to Florence
Day trips from our Tuscany base (don’t know yet what town that’ll be)
Florence to Venice
Venice to Dolomites
Dolomites to Milan

In the Italy travel guide, Rick Steves gave an estimation of $550 per person for 3 wks of buses and second class trains. That would put us around approximately $3600 for the 6 of us for travel for a month. Does this sound realistic?

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You can simply use those cities as departure / arrival stations on . If you enter a day of travel before June 11, the site will display all the top, walk-up "Base" fares. You can't pay more. Only the 7 years old counts as a kid, if I'm not wrong.

You won't see on the small train from Naples to Pompeii; the area is served by a local company called EAV. It works like an overground metro and trains are often crowded.

Of course you have to decide the city where you are going to stay in the Cinque Terre and the Dolomites. You can't search for train prices entering an area in the "TO" box.

There are a few direct trains from Orvieto to Florence.

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Thank you! This was the advice/encouragement I needed. I was intimidated to figure out the train prices, but it wasn’t too bad.

For future info for anyone, using my itinerary (plus adding a few return day trips), my estimated costs came to $893 for the 6 of us.