Borghese Gallery tickets?

I'd like to purchase my tickets before we leave. Is one website better/easier than another?

also, does it make sense to buy our ancient rome (forum, colo, palatine) tickets beforehand?

We will be in Rome April 27-May 1st if that makes any difference.


Posted by Liz
Seattle, WA
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Hi Chris,

Before you purchase any tickets, have you looked into the Roma Pass? 25 euro will get you free admission to the Colosseum/Forum/Palentine (one ticket) and the Borghese Gallery, plus a 3-day unlimited metro/bus pass.

Ron in Rome has good advice on the Roma Pass, and it unfortunately looks like they have changed it so that the transportation and site admissions must be used during the same 3 day period. However, given your travel plans this is hopefully not a problem.

You can buy the Roma Pass online, but it is just as easy/effective to buy it when you arrive in Rome. For the Colosseum, you avoid the ticket lines by staying to the LEFT and going straight to the security checkpoint.

For the Borghese Gallery--you will still need to make a reservation in advance. The easiest way to do this is to ask your hotel to do it for you. If that's not an option, the Borghese has a call-back system. Again, Ron in Rome has more information on how to do that. You cannot reserve online and use the Roma Pass as far as I know.

Posted by Trish
Salt Lake City
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If you plan on using the Rome Pass for one of your free entrances, then let them know that when you book your tickets. You will get a reservation number and then pay or show your pass when you pick up your tickets. Then you can use your pass for the Forum/Colosseo/Palatino which will be good for two entrance days (use different entrances).

I had trouble with the call back system refusing to recognize my phone number and just called them directly. It is a quick phone call and they speak English.

Too bad you are just missing the free cultural week.

Posted by Chris
Crystal Lake, IL, USA
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I dont' know if buying the Roma Pass makes sense for us? We'll be touring ancient rome & then the borghese gallery, but that's all that's covered in the pass that we'll be doing. Am I missing something or does it not make sense?

Posted by Liz
Seattle, WA
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Roma Pass = 25 euro.

Colosseum/Forum/Palentine = 15.50
Borghese = 8.50

So, if you buy the Roma Pass, you are essentially getting the 3-day transit pass for 1 euro. Since 1 metro/bus ride is 1 euro, if you are doing public transportation at all, it's a good deal. Even if you are mostly planning to walk, I would consider getting it since you never know when you might decide you are too tired.

I don't know what your other plans are, but keep in mind the transit pass can be used to get to Ostia Antica as well. Does not work on the Leonardo Express from the airport, however.

One last caveat is that the prices above are full fares. If members of your party are entitled to discounts (such as being EU citizens), the math may not make sense.

Posted by Chris
Crystal Lake, IL, USA
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Liz - very good points, I'm sure we will end up taking public transportation at least once!

I think I will just wait & purchase the pass when we arrive, seems too confusing to me to do it beforhand when I'm not sure which pick up point is closest to our hotel!

Posted by Chani
Tel Aviv
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I bought the Roma Pass (from my hotel) when I was there. It was worth it just to skip the line at the Colosseum and the Forum!

Ask your hotel to make the Borghese reservation. You have to be at the museum at least 30 minutes before the reservation time (to get the tickets, check bags, cameras, etc, and pick up an audio guide, if desired), so take that into account when deciding on the time.