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borghese gallery

I cant get through to the gallery, I am calling 011 39 0632810 and keep getting a recording that its the wrong number. I bought a roma pass online but cant pick it up till i get there, can i book a reservation without the pass online?

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Brenda the number I used had a 1 at the end.
06328101 I got through on the first try, making sure to take into account the time difference, and it was easy. If you get an Italian recording, Rick says, press 2 for English. Also, write the reservation # down and take it with you.
Good Luck, Mimi

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You cannot book a reservation online if you are using the Roma Pass.

Here is an excellent post on how to manage the Borghese:

(Sorry, I don't remember how to do the nifty html link embedding)

The phone number listed seems to match what you are dialing, so I'm not sure what the problem is. You could try the new call-back feature mentioned in the above post, or do what we generally advise and ask your hotel/B&B owner to book the reservation for you (assuming this is an option). We had our hotel make the reservation for us, they emailed the confirmation number and we took that and our Roma Passes to the Borghese. Very easy.

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I was able to get a reservation by telephone and I will be using the Roma Pass.

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I was able to book the Borghese within the last couple weeks using the Ron in Rome site. I am also using the Roma Pass. The site has a system that dials you back so you don't even have to pay for the phone call. Very slick and easy. Thanks Ron!