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Borghese closed

NOt a question, but a forwarning that if you want to go to the Borghese Museaum in Rome...they are closed, Oct 8 thru 11th. We wanted to get in on any of those days, and have to leave the 11th. We are terribly disappointed ! They suggested "we change our plans".., but that isn't possible. I guess it will be one of those "next time" things ! Was hoping this might help some others who are going around that time.

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Thanks for that info. We want to go on October 5th, so it might be a little harder to get in. Did you call? I understand I can't make online reservations yet.

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It sounded like they were closed Oct 8 thru 11th. I faxed ticketeria...go to, and get the phone number. We heard back from them within 2 days. I believe they will issue your voucher number a month in advance, so you should be OK. ( sorry...don't have the number close by to give you ) Good luck and have a great trip !