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Booking train tickets in Sicily - Canadian Travelers

Hi... My husband and I will be visiting Sicily this summer and will need to book train tickets. Has anyone booked via Italiarail insteadof directly on Trenitalia? We would like to book in Canadian dollars and want to know if the Italiarail site is reliable and has the same pricing as the other site.
Any info... much appreciated. We are travelling from Canada.

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Within Sicily, I doubt there is any reason to book train tickets ahead of time. There are no fast trains, they're all regional trains to the best of my knowledge. Just get them on the spot.

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We would like to book in advance so that we don't have to wait in line to buy tickets since are time is limited. Also like to have most travel bookings in place before hand.

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Are you flying into FCO? There is a Trenitalia station there and all Trenitalia stations can sell all Trenitalia's tickets.

Online purchased regional tickets can be used only on the booked train and on any other similar one departing within the following 4 hours.

Regional tickets locally purchased must be time-stamped before boarding, but they can be used on any Regionale running on the picked day.

Both options have pros and cons, but Anyone who has seen a Montalbano episode would think rural Sicily is mostly deserted; I doubt you'll face massive lines.

Will you have data connection during the journey? The most obvious thing would be installing trenitalia's app and get tickets while walking to the station like most do these days.

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I travelled throughout Sicily this past fall by train and simply bought the tickets as I needed them. There are machines that sell tickets at the train stations that are quite easy to use. Sometimes we had to buy a ticket at a counter or at a little tobacco shop at the train station but we never had to wait. Some train stations at smaller towns were unattended and you had to buy from the machine. All very easy. Most tickets were quite cheap, just a few euros.