Booking flights and hotels

We are planning to return to Southern Italy nest May. When is a good time to book these accommodations? I have been surprised to see many hotels state that they have only 1 or 2 rooms left for our planned timeframe. Since that is basically a year away I have been surprised by this. Also, with flights changing all the time, when would it be a good time to firm that up?

Posted by Gerard
Temora, NSW, Australia
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You may find that May 2015 is still a bit too far in advance for most hotels. Try emailing them.

Posted by Pat
Ind., United States
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Thank you for the information. That's very helpful.

Posted by Zoe
Toledo, Ohio, US
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I usually start booking five or so months out, unless there is a particular property I want to book.

Posted by Mona
Santa Barbara
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"Here’s why you shouldn’t buy a US-to-Europe flight more than two months in advance" You can read the article that Dick recommends but I would hate to base my ticket purchase on this data.

We start looking 330 days before we travel to Europe. We look creatively on ITS software for airports within a certain range of where we'd like to end up in Europe. This year we booked tickets on September 21, 2013 for our upcoming July-August 2014 trip for $895 pp including all taxes and fees. I see that on Kayak's model of 53 days out, the tickets to our destination did spike lower to about $1250 per ticket and now they are up around $2000 per ticket. If you are serious about finding better airfares, look very early, creatively and look often.

Posted by Laurel
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Yes, as the others are saying, wait to book. But that doesn't mean you can't do the research and planning for the trip in the meantime.


Posted by Laura
Rick Steves' Europe
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Although it's not true with frequent flier mileage awards, nearly anything else that looks like it's "sold out" 11 months ahead is just not yet available. Smaller, family-run hotels might use an even shorter timeframe, to help reduce cancellations.

Posted by Pat
Ind., United States
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Very helpful suggestions. Thanks to all!