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Bologna info

I want to plug in a short 2 hour stop here, but do not want to have to drive into the city. Can you park outside the city and walk or taxi without having to deal with city traffic ? Where ?

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I was going to aske the same thing. I was thinking of going for a day.

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You can park at the train station and walk from there.

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It's less than a mile from the train station to the main piazza in the heart of Bologna - Piazza Maggiore.

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That's a good idea!
Is there any free parking around the train station?

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There is one car park at the Statione Centrale (Train Station). You can also proceed on the road in front of the Statione to the west and find several more auto parks. However,they are all pay as I recall. Best bet is to get a map of Bologna from the Provincial Tourist office. It is a good one and shows the parking lots. Go to: