Bologna Agriturismo locations-can anyone weigh in on any of these?

So out of the countless Bologna area agriturismo locations (41 alone on, my husband and I have narrowed it down to the following four. We have checked the websites and the reviews but I was wondering if anyone here had actually stayed in any of them and could give me a 1st person recommendation. I appreciate it! karen

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Never stayed in any. However based on location, the first one is the most accessible from Bologna. If you intend to day trip from there, it will be easier and quicker. The others are farther from main roads so they'll require a few minutes of extra country driving. Just choose based on what you see. There are about 20,000 agriturismos in Italy and Emilia is probably not the region most visited by North-Americans (Tuscany is). The chances of having someone here who's been to any of those 4 is very slim.

Posted by karen
Long Beach, CA, USA
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Thanks! I realize that the chances of someone staying in one was slim to none but I also figured that it wouldn't cost me anything to post the question so I did. Proximity to Bologna is nice, but we can certainly drive, if we need to. Each of these has something that we really like so we are just weighing the recommendations right now. I also overlaid the agriturismo map with a winery map to make sure I was close to wine. It's necessary for my medical condition. I can't wait to be there!