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Boat Museum in Venice

I think it was on this site that I read about such a museum in Venice; didn't take note of it though. Can anyone help me? Thank you.

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Thanks Norm. That's exactly the museum. Certainly better description than mine. My husband will love it.

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My husband went to it in Sept and I went shopping. He really enjoyed it.

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I went last June 1st. Great. It is at what was the great Venetian naval yard. Today it is just a small outpost for a small Italian navy. The date June 1, if I have it right, was a national holiday and we did not know it at first. Early that morning I saw all these naval officers about the site. Then, when we went back about 9 AM, several elegant wooden boats exited the otherwise barricaded yard, stopped at nearby boarding docks, and picked up officers and other dignitaries, including serveral very costumed in ceremonial type clothes, and motored off down the canal to the site of some event. I took many pics and then lost my camera! grrr

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I did the same thing that Marie did,

My husband went to it and loved it!

I had about 3 hours of shopping before we met up again!

If you have never been to a maritime museum before nor experienced other maritime museums elsewhere in Europe. You really should go yourself!