BNL Italia ATM locations

I'll be traveling all over Italy. I'd like to print out a list of above to take with me. I found a site that had what I was looking for but it wasn't available in English. Can anyone refer me to the site I'm looking for?

Posted by Brad
Gainesville, VA
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Another idea, if you have an Ipod touch you can use wifi (at your hotel or many cafe's, fast food places, coffee shops) to find a partner bank near you. If not, scout out some ahead of time for your itinerary, and map them by plugging in the address in Google Maps, rather than printing and packing the entire list.

Posted by Larry
Elk Grove, CA, USA
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Everything I see is in Italian. Select the mustard-colored rectangle for the branch finder. The website does display the addresses. I can't guarantee that there will be an ATM there but there usually is. You will need to learn the provences and regions for each of the cities. You can see this information on Wikipedia. I see 4 branches in Venice, 24 branches in Florence, 2 in Siena, 1 in Orvieto, about 3 dozen in Rome and none in Positano. Venice is in the Veneto Region, Venezia Provencia and Venezia Localita. Florence is in the Toscana Region, Firenze Provencia and Firenze Localita. Siena is in the Toscana Region, Siena Provencia and Siena Localita.
Orvieto is in the Umbria Region, Terni Provencia and Orvieto Localita. Rome is in the Lazio Region, Roma Provencis and Roma Localita. Once this information has been entered, select Cerca and the map with locations will appear. The addresses are on the left. Google maps will get you close to the actual location.

Posted by Frank
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Personally think this over the line on excessive planning. ATMs are everything and don't think I have ever looked for one. When I think I will be needing an ATM I simply keep an eye open as we travel about and soon I see one. My preference is to use ATMs attached to a bank and they are just as easy to find in Italy as in the US. I do not carry a list of ATM addresses when traveling in the US. And you can also ask location from the staff at your hotel.

Posted by Larry
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Frank, who no longer seems to be homeless, as a BofA customer, I too search for BofA partner banks that permit ATM withdrawls without fees. It really works. In France, I searched all over for BNP Paribas and coulldn't find any until we reached Dijon and Paris. I would have loved to have had some addresses. In England, the Barclay's were everywhere so that worked well. It does save a bit of money.

Posted by Michael
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The other approach is to set up an acount that will give you an ATM card that won't charge any fees, or will reimburse you for those fees that you do get charged. Capital One used to do this with their Money Market accounts, but I've heard that they're no longer setting up new accounts this way. (Old accounts are grandfathered in. Whew!)

Posted by Tom
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If you have a BofA debit card (as I do), the amount you save if you use a partner bank ATM overseas is $5.00 - BofA's "foreign transaction fee" that you'd otherwise pay. So it's nice to find a partner ATM if you can (5 bucks is 5 bucks), but it's not exactly a backbreaker if you can't. One suggestion is to always withdraw your allowed maximum amount, so as to minimize the number of ATM transactions you have to make.