BNL D\Italia Bank locations in Florence, Italy affiliateof B of A

I cannote locate any addresses for BNL Banks in Florence. B of A said they are on their web site, but they are not. Can anyone tell me where there is on near the train station or one of the main sites, like the Academia or Uffizi? Is there one at the airport? I am leaving 10/10 and wold like to know prior, if possible. Thank you.

Posted by Tom
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Go to this link: On the page that opens, click on "Trova la filiale" under "Entra in Contatto" on the right side of the page. On the page that follows, choose "Toscana" as the Regione, and "Firenze" as both the "Provincia" and the "Comune/localita". Then click on the "Cerca" button at the bottom of the page. You will get a list of BNL bancomat locations in Florence, along with a map.

Posted by Merry Lou
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Thank you, Tom. This is most helpful, though the banks are a little far from where I am staying. I'll have to walk the first day and find the closest one. This was very helpful!

Posted by Frank
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There's a BNL on Pizza della Republica. It's along the loggia near the merry-go-round.

Posted by Frank
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This is not responsive to Merry Lou but illustrates the value of having a no fee/low fee debit card so that you are not dependent on finding a specific ATM in a city. Even if you have to use a "non-approved" ATM for cash, the fees will not kill you.