biking puglia route

I'm thinking it would be fun to bike Puglia. I look at tours though and they want to go longer than we can. Do you know where we can rent a bike and what the best route of scenery would be to take? When I look at pictures I think, or yeah that's where I want to go. But where are these places?

Posted by Charlene
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I have heard from a lot of people that this is a fabulous thing to do. My dentist just came back from a Puglian bike trip! While in Lecce last October, our neighbors at the B&B had just finished a bike trip in Puglia with a local tour company called "Southern Visions" -- . They raved about it. I think their trip was about a week. PM me if you want an email for the lady who took the trip, so you can contact her with questions. Also, when we were in Lecce, we took a last-minute one-day wine tour with a company called "Path" -- They were wonderful, and they also do bike and walking tours. Very knowledgeable, pleasant people. I would contact both places, and see what they suggest and what they can offer you. Most companies offer both guided and self-guided tours, so you can decide what best fits your interests.

Posted by Ellen
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Several options. Here's a company we've used in Sicily- they also offer Puglia We've used this company 2x times in Italy: And we are going on our next bike tour in Puglia with:
Nichols Expeditions I think all of the tours companies will do a custom tour for you, you probably can shorten the length of the tour. We tend to make the bike tour longer than 7 days. Nichols is based in Moab, give Judy a call, you can tell her Ellen suggested you call. I bet they can plan a 3-4 day quick tour for you. Or, email the Itailan companies, they are always willing work with you to get what you want. The tour companies will know best what route to take so you can enjoy the region. I have to admit, I don't know how much you can see in 2-3 days, but just getting out on a bike will be so much fun!