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Biking in Tuscany

hello everyone! does anyone know if it's possible to ride a bicycle from florence or siena down to orvieto or somewhere near it? i would have about 3 days before i plan to be in rome. is this too hard of a bike ride? and is the scenery along the way just as pretty as anywhere else in tuscany? or maybe my brother and i can rent a scooter... but then again i don't know if im able to rent something in one city and return it in another. any advice would be great. thanks alot!

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It is possible to bike anywhere in the Tuscany region. It is not the easiest riding. you would have to do some good planing to make sure you stay to the backroads, and dont' end up on a highway for safety if you want to do this on your own completely.

There are tons of companies that rent bikes, and lead tours. You can do a Google search, then contact companies to see if they can arrange a tour for you.

One we've used is They can do what you want, I find their rates to be reasonable.

The riding in Italy is fantastic, and well worth the effort to get out of a car, off a bus or train and be with the people and the countryside.

We've done 5 bike tours in Italy alone, and keep going back...there is just more to see and enjoy!

Our last trip was May, and we rode from Siena all the way to the coast in 7 days. You could do a bike tour for 3 days between Florence/Siena/Orvieto easily.