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biking Cinque Terra?

Does anyone think it is possible to bike the cinque Terra trails? Thanks.

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in terms of steepness (not if they allow it) the flatter ones, sure. The one between Monterosso and Vernazza? No way! Its like climbing flights of stairs.

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It's not. No way.

Steps in many places. And mountain bikes would be incredibly destructive.

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Check out

Visit the Cinque Terre by mountain bike, a new captivating and evocative way for tourists that wish to experience the microcosm of the area, unique to the world, completely and differently.

Each of these new trails, studied and implemented two years ago, have different characteristics and levels of difficulty. They offer a wide-ranging of choices accessible to all, both professional cyclists and simple tourists. “These trails obtained reasonable success already last year. They were developed in order to better enhance the territory – explains Heydi Bonanini, person in charge of the initiative – offering more opportunity to entertain and to develop further activity. In fact, these alternative trails that cover lesser beaten paths are particularly suggestive and rich with vegetation, which creates an ideal choice to have a full and natural immersion in the Cinque Terre.
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The only advice we can offer to all of those who wish to tackle these bike trails, experts included, is that a minimum of preparation and training is required. Also, we suggest not to venture off alone, because some points of the trails are quite difficult and intricate.”

The chosen bike itinerary winds along path n.1 that runs the length of the hills connecting Riomaggiore to Monterosso. Among the different trails intersecting path n.1, on the basis of experience, various routes could be chosen. The departure point for almost all excursions is the Madonna of Montenero Sanctuary located above Riomaggiore. However, other bike rental centers are found on the hill of Telegrafo, in San Bernardino and in Volastra.

It is possible to make reservations to hire bikes care of the Park information offices in the five train stations or by calling: 0187/ 760528 Montenero, 0187/ 760523 Volastra, 0187/ 760561 Telegrafo e 0187/ 812548 S. Bernardino
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Half day
8.00 - 12.30

14.00 - 19.00

With the 5 Terre Card Euro 2,50
Without the Card Euro 4,00

Full day

8,00 - 19,00

With the 5 Terre Card Euro 4,00
Without the Card Euro 6,00

For 1 hour, with the 5 Terre Card Euro 1,00

Without the Card Euro 1,50

Lack of delivery Euro 10,00 with or without the 5 Terre Card.

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Thanks, everyone. Which direction is the easiest to walk/bike? I'm looking for more downhill than up!

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Linda: The WALKING trails Rick writes about in his books and that we walk on are different trails than the new BIKING trails Leslie refers to. The classic CT walking trails start at sea level and end at sea level so it doesn't much matter which direction you go, but you can't bike on these. The biking trails referred to in Leslie's posts are DIFFERENT TRAILS, they're new trails developed for biking--and so far no one here has posted that they have been on these biking trails so we don't know anything about them.

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Any updates on this topic? My husband and I enjoy biking and want to know if anyone has been on these new trails...

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Linda, if you want more downhill, the CT area is not the place for you to ride. What goes up....