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best way to travel from milan to CT to tuscany to rome

we fly into milan and fly out of rome, on a 9 day adventure in july. we go to CT and then tuscany (including firenze) and then fly out of rome. is it best to go by train, or car, or a combination (for example, car from CT thru tuscany to rome?). thanks

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From Milan to the CT, I would suggest the bus to the Milan train station and a train to the CT. No need for a rental car there as tourist cars are not permitted in the towns. If you are going to Florence from the CT, take the train. Florence is one of the worst places in Italy to drive a car as almost all of the historic area is a restricted traffic zone. They get pictures of your license place plus you and your 3 teens smiling on a computerized camera. $150 ticket. Take the train. If you intend to tour much of Tuscany, a rental car is in order. I suggest renting at the airport or in Siena and drive all around. Best use of a rental car. Keep the rental car and drive south to Orvieto and turn in the car there. Then, take the short train ride into Rome. No need for a car there either. The bus/metro system will get you everywhere.

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Take Larry from Elk's Grove advice to the bank. Great use of time, travel choices ect.

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Hey Thomas

We did the same trip last summer and took a train from Milan to Genoa and then to Cinque Terre. Have a great trip!

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You list four locations where a car is a nuisance and an expensive burden, so at first glance I would advise against car rental.

A car is nice for Tuscany IF you're going to take the time to visit some small towns and get off the beaten path. IF you make the time to do that, then pick up the car AFTER you leave Florence--not CT-- and drop off before you go to Rome.

But, if you're just seeking transportation THROUGH Tuscany on your way to Rome, then don't rent the car---it's not worth it. Take the train instead.