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Best way Palermo to Florence

I am looking at the best way (easiest and most practical looks like the cost is similar) to get from Palermo to Florence. The day I am looking Sept. 24 seems to have to flights to Florence. The time for the ones to Pisa do not work great. Very early or late evening arrival.

My options seem to be
1. Fly Palermo to Bologna with a stop over in Rome, then a train to Florence.

  1. Fly Palermo to Rome and then train to Florence.

I have a kinda backward travel route as I am ending a tour in Palermo then starting one in Venice that ends in Rome so will be exploring Rome at the end of my time. My plan is to use Florence as a base between my tours.

Would you find one way easier than the other.

UPDATE I posted that I was ending a Rick Steves tour. I got mixed up on my companies I am using different ones on this trip. The tour I am using ends in Palermo. There seems to be no options of a direct flight everything appears to change in Rome. I am thinking the train from Rome may be my best option.


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I doubt there's a good way to get to Florence from Palermo. How early a flight would you have to get to Pisa? I would bite the bullet and do that or, I guess, fly to Rome. Unless you can get a direct train from FCO to Florence, you'll have to take the Leonardo express to Termini and then get the train to Florence. It's not a big deal the change trains in Termini though. And it sounds a heck of a lot simpler/easier than changing planes at FCO. There are frequent fast trains from Rome to Florence, an hour longer than the train from Bologna - and you'd still have to get from the Bologna airport to the train.

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Doesn’t the Rick Steves tour end in Catania, not Palermo?

According to Google flights, there is a non-stop from CATANIA to Florence on Vueling Airlines.

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You can train from Palermo to Florence, the overnight train is actually kinda cute and it goes on a ferry! I would not recommend switching from flights to train as getting to the train station from the airport is not always easy. Just FYI I'd also recommend making Bologna your base as it's beautiful, not overrun with tourists, has amazing food, and is very centrally located. So maybe you would just want to fly there instead. :-) Have a great time on your trip!