Best way back to Milan

Hi Everyone, My husband and I will be in Florence for two weeks. Our return flight is out of Milan. We built in 4 extra nights after Florence because we want to take the Bernina Express and spend a day or two in Milan. We have reserved 3 nights in Milan and one night in Tirano. But these can be changed. Our train gets into Tirano from Milan around 3:00 p.m. and we'll stay overnight at the Hotel Bernina next to the train station. The next day we'll take the 7:40 or 8:50 local Bernina train to St. Moritz. My questions are:
Will we see the pretty part of the ride by getting off at St. Moritz. Is there an earlier stop to consider (don't want to miss any of the beauty). Is it a pretty time in early November? And most of all, does it make sense to train back to Tirano the way we came and then return to Milan that day. Or is there a more direct route from St. Moritz back to Milan? I imagine we need to build time in for lunch. Would we be better off staying an additional night somewhere before returning to Milan? By the time we get back to Milan I'm estimating it will be about 7:00 pm. We'll have to collect our luggage and make our way to our hotel. Can we store luggage in Milan Centrale for one or two nights so we don't lug it to Tirano? Sorry for so many questions. I found much info combing various sites but these are still stumping me. Thanks so much for your advice.

Posted by Andre L.
Tilburg, Netherlands
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From St. Moritz the easiest way to get back to Milano is back-tracking via Tirano. Any other option by train involves substantially more travel time.

Posted by Larry
Elk Grove, CA, USA
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Elaine, what you might want to consider is not spending the night in Tirano and instead taking the Bernina Express to Pontresina, Switzerland which is just short of St. Moritz. Spend the night there and reverse your course back to Tirano the next day. You don't need to be on the Bernina Express coming back. You can take one of several other regional trains that make the same run on the same tracks. Much, much more scenery in Pontresina. If you try another route coming back, it will take much longer.

Posted by RB
Coraopolis, Pa, USA
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We have been through this area many times and agree the best way back to Milano is to backtrack. The scenery in the Bernina Pass is absolutely spectacular. Staying in Pontresina is a good idea and it is a very nice town. My cousin Lena lives in Samedan, which is the next stop on the train and it is very nice, as well. You may, however, be in for sticker shock when you learn the hotel prices in this area. Next to Pontrsina is a mountain funicular that takes you to the top of Muotros Muragl mountain, which is a gorgeous excursion to the hotel/restaurant on top. There are also many hiking trails around and the views are really beautiful. You do not need to return by the Bernina Express as any regional train going to Tirano will suffice and the scenery is still the same. Buon viaggio,

Posted by Elaine
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Thanks Everyone. I think we will take the regular train both ways. Also, we're staying in Tirano because we want to connect for dinner with our daughter's exchange sister from 18 years ago and her parents. But I like the idea of visiting Pontresina. This sounds like a better stop for an early lunch instead of St. Moritz. How much time should we allow to take the excursion up the mountain and get lunch?