Best town to visit Aquaducts

Would like to find a location from which to get the best experience of the aquaduct(s).

Posted by janettravels44
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Aquaduct Park on the Rome Metro lets you get right up next to them. I crossed the Pont du Gard in Southern France through its aquaducts watercourse -- that is as up close as it gets. (don't know if that is still possible)

Posted by Zoe
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I agree, Rome is great for this. At Pont-du-Gard last July, you could walk below the aqueduct or raft under it (arrange the raft trip in advance).

Posted by Lesley
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I have a feeling there will be a lot of us at the Aquaduct Park this year as it has appeared a number of times on the Forum. I knew about it but always thought it was more out of town than it is. Your instructions were so clear, thank you for that! I am looking forward to being at the park at the end of August.

Posted by dmae
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Don't worry about crowds at the park! It is huge with lots and lots of pathways to take. 8-)

Posted by Tim
Wyckoff, NJ, USA
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Another clear choice is the Baths of Caracalla, although it was mainly a water destination. Pompeii and Herculaneum have traces of watercourses, and even lead pipes in the ground. I think there are remnants of aqueducts around Tivoli, but can't give you a precise location.

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