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Best time to visit in the spring of 2022?

We are beginning to dream of another trip to Italy. We did northern part (Venice, Como, CT to Tuscany and Florence) for 3 weeks October of 2019. Now we’d love to do Rome, Amalfi Coast then back up to Como and across the Alps to Switzerland. Anyone have suggestions for which time in the spring is best and where to stay for several days on the Amalfi??

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Spring travel, for me, is looking at Easter dates, and May 1st. Both of these will impact tourist plans. Easter may provide processions, but pre Easter may mean churches closing for preparation of Easter celebrations, more local tourism, more site closures and possibly higher hotel costs. A vague memory also recalls increased potential for political/social interruption in Italy around Easter. May Day (May 1st) is a big thing in Europe which can lead to demonstrations and strikes at worst, and closures at best, as it is a civic holiday. April 25th is Liberation Day, another national holiday. So for 2022, April 15 to May 1 will be riddled with extra things to consider and plan around.
We were in similar area mid April 2002 and weather was good other than rain in Venice. Polar fleece mornings, t-shirt afternoons with outside dining for dinner in Sorrento. We did get caught in Siena April 25th....not realizing that holiday beforehand.

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One consideration is that the Travelmar ferries, which are a good way to get around the Amalfi Coast, operate April-October.

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for which time in the spring is best and where to stay for several days on the Amalfi??

To avoid crowds, in 2022 avoid the days too close to / between April 17 and April 26. And be aware that May 1 is a National Holiday, too.

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Thank you all for your input and suggestions! I’m zeroing in on arrival in Rome after the May 1 holiday. Three weeks total ending in Switzerland then fly home to Texas from maybe Zurich?? Will the weather be too warm on the Amalfi mid May? Also, if we end up in Switzerland late May, will there still be snow that could impede light hiking or train travel?

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Many of the smaller hotels and cable cars aren't open in April/May in the Dolomites. Probably similar situation in Switzerland too. Perhaps save the Alps (at least the Italian side) for another trip. More to dream!

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Prior to covid, I visited the Mediterranean yearly in late May, and my priority is usually outdoor activities. Early to mid May can mean cool nights, though usually sunny days. Forget swimming, but nice hiking weather for the Amalfi Coast. The Alps part is probably the most weather-dependent, so I'd sort that out first.
Amalfi base always depends primarily on how much you want to move around and to where. Any village with ferry service is typically your best bet. If you want to visit Naples, Pompeii, etc., you may want two bases.