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Been to Rome twice--once for a 3-day look-see in mid-October 2010, and I was not impressed, but we did it wrong. Attraction to attraction, Hop-On-Hop-Off bus. Yuck. Was not anxious to return.

Until we did a 2017 late February/early March weeklong stay at an apartment, same neighborhood as before, Campo de' Fiori. What a difference! So chill, 50's/60's weather, few tourists, ability to get in any restaurant. Even St. Peter's Cathedral was a dream--the ability to linger there was profound.

I think the fewer tourists--even with the prospect of inclement weather--the better for enjoying Rome.

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We've been to Rome 5 times in the month of September. The weather was warm, but tolerable. It was our plan to revisit last Sept. Hope to return when possible. One of our favorite cities.

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Anytime !!!! But our preference is late Sep, early to mid October. I think the weather is more dependable at that time.

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Ditto anytime. Was there once in May and once in June. The June date was not my choice but dependent on someone finishing a study abroad. May was fine and I’d never select June-August to go anywhere if it can be avoided.

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We prefer late November. Yes the daylight hours are shorter but you get to enjoy the floodlit monuments longer (which is my favorite). Weather was fantastic, highs in the mid 60s, lows in the 40s. Crowds were minimal. We waited in line around 10 min at St. Peter’s after lunch.


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I liked late October-early November. Slightly less crowded than summer, but still decent weather for long walking outside and outdoor cafe dining.

Was also there in late May-early June. Hot but not bad. And July many years ago - more crowded and hot. As far as weather goes I’d rather be too hot than cold on vacation so I’ve avoided winter. I’ve heard it’s a good time in terms of low crowds and if you want to spend a lot of time in museums and such it might be a good choice.

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Anytime in this amazing city. We were there in 2019 in early October and it beautiful weather and not high season

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Having lived there for almost 5 years, we delighted in the light crowds and cool Mediterranean winter. November to Mid-March can be pleasant but you have to be prepared for rain and chill on occasion, yet there will be shirtsleeve sunny days as well. Other than the Vatican, museums are uncrowded.

Mid-Sept through October are delightful as is the spring mid-March up to late May. Then the crowds come and weather gets hot. June is a crap shoot for weather but mornings are usually tolerable. We spent July and August elsewhere when possible: high in the Dolomites, a visit back to the US, sequestered in our apartment only going out before 9 AM or after 8 PM.

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We've been twice, and both times the weather cooperated. Late September and mid November. It rained properly just the one time during twelve days in November.

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I also agree with Laurel - great summation.

I can remember on a late afternoon in February sitting in the Sistine Chapel with less than ten other folks. And like her family, we left town in July/August. One August we traveled to Denmark... which was an impetus for our eventual relocation to Copenhagen. Now, we often Facetime/Skype with likewise quarantined friends living in Rome, and the first comments are always about our respective weather situations. (They win probably 10 months of the year!)

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We were in Rome in January after my daughter's study abroad program. The crowds were light. The weather was manageable. It was in the 40s most days. A little warmer some days. Dressed appropriately walking through the city was pleasant. Later in the trip we went to both Florence and Venice. We enjoyed both immensely, in part, because there were very light crowds. The only time we were cold on the trip was on the balcony at the top of the Duomo as the wind was blowing.

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We have visited Rome in September, mid October, December and January. We suffered from the heat in mid to late September. The best weather was mid October, delightful. . January was sunny and cool, nice for walking and exploring.

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We've been in Rome twice, once in August of 1966 and then two weeks before Christmas in 2015. It was 103 in August and back then the hotels were not air conditioned. The Christmas trip was wonderful, the weather was pleasant with mid-60s during the day. The crowds were light except for the last Saturday before Christmas which was a madhouse of locals out Christmas shopping.

We love traveling during the shoulder and off seasons. The only disadvantage is the shortened days, it can be dark by 5:00 pm.

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I've only been to Rome in February, 3 trips, total of 3 weeks. I've never had really bad weather. Most of the time it was high 50s to high 60s, many days when I didn't need a jacket, some days when I was glad to have warm gloves and hat. Once there was snow overnight, it was beautiful and most of it melted in the sunshine the next day. First trip, I booked a couple days in advance for the Vatican Museums and walked right in, while walk-ins waited an hour. Second trip, I booked again, and there was no line. Third time, I didn't book, the lines were horrible (2-3 hours) and I went to the Capitoline instead :-) That was the only place there was a really long line.

Most of the trees are bare, which may bother some people, but on the other hand, it means you get great views of the buildings they obscure most of the year. Gelato tastes just a good on a chilly day.

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We've been in early June, mid-August and mid-October and it was fine all three times. August was only 89, so basically like a cool day at home for us. I agree with the poster who said it depends on the weather you experience at home. I'm not a fan of 40's.

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I've been to Rome twice, mid-April 2005 and again early May 2018. We had great weather both times, May was quite a bit warmer even though it was only a few weeks difference. The thing I found was the crowds were much heavier in May...could be just more people traveled in 2018 but the April trip I felt like we had the city to ourselves. Would the crowds stop me from going again? No way! You're in Rome...enjoy it for everything it is!