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Best of Village Italy April 14

Just wondering if anyone here is going on this tour? I'm thinking the weather will be cool. We have been to Italy, always in the fall and found cool to be good.

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Mimi, I just signed up for this tour in September/October and I'm also wondering about the weather. When you return, I would appreciate hearing from you about the tour.

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Frances, we did this trip last Sept/Oct and the weather was wonderful. Never did take out our rain coats and wore shorts most of the time. You will have a wonderful time.

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Spent an Easter week based in Milan a few years back, I think it was around the end of March, beginning of April. We were warm to down right hot during the day and only required a light jacket or sweaters as coverups for the evening. The Italian women, however, were still wearing their full length furs--all day long. Go figure.

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You and I think alike, I always check the weather forecast a week before and then the day I pack. and I do pack to wear layers.

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I just got back and found the weather to be quite comfortable. It even got into the 70's while we were there. Like you, I check the weather before I leave.