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Best of Venice, Florence and Rome in 10 days tour

My husband and I are going to make our first overseas vacation and we are looking at the 10 day tour that is offered on this web site. My big question is the comments made about the walking key. My husband and I are overweight (will be in better shape before we leave)but in good health and am wondering how true the walking key is. Any comments or encouragement would be appreciated.

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We took the 14 day best of Europe tour. The walking key is true. Take it seriously. Prepare for miles of walking over cobblestones, up and down a wide variety of steps and stairs. Know that you will be responsible for carrying your own luggage. Pack light. Pack very light. Wear shoes that are well broken in.

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I took this tour this past July! It was GREAT! :) Yes, the walking key is accurate (for the tour aspect). I was determined not to waste any time so a number of us from the tour walked much more than the tour key stated. I did work out daily starting a few weeks before the trip. I wanted to make sure I was in the best shape I could be for the trip. Best of luck! You will have a great time! :)

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Whether you take a Rick Steves tour or go on your own, you will do a ton of walking in Europe. Be as prepared as you can be, though you never can get in good enough shape for this. Doesn't matter what age you are it is tough, because you want to go everywhere and see everything. I've survived it 6 times though. I am a bit overweight and not young, but I found it was good to soak in a hot tub at the end of the day to soothe my legs and feet -- and then I was ready to hit the streets the next morning. A 19-year old, very in shape son of a friend of mine also got totally worn out on a recent trip to Paris and London -- it happens to us all.
Be in the best shape you can, but the excitement of seeing and doing great things on the RS tour will give you the energy and strength to go on I'm sure. It's a great experience.

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I've gone on a RS tour and they aren't kidding about the walking! Probably added up to several miles each day.

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Kathy, I took a RS 14-day Ireland tour in October, and some days there is a fair amount of walking (the "key" that is provided is quite accurate). There's also some degree of standing while taking local tours, although often one can find a stone or something to rest on.

As someone else suggested, it's a good idea to "pack light", as you'll be carrying your own bags to your rooms, often in older Hotels with NO Elevators. If you don't pack light, you'll most certainly have regrets the first time you have to haul your bags to your room on the fourth or fifth floor! I use a Backpack, so it's a bit easier navigating stairs than a "wheelie bag" would be.

I'm somewhat "portly" also, and always spend some time in the Gym and walking locally for at least a month preceding my departure.

As far as comments or encouragment, get some good walking shoes and have a great time on the trip!!!