?Best Memories in the Lake Como Region?

Like everyone else, I certainly want to experience some of the premier attractions in a foreign land. However, some of the best memories of travel are those out-of-the-way, unexpected experiences that just seem to "intrude" on our best-laid plans.

We will be in the Lake Como region for about 3 days. Does anyone have any memorable sights, places, hikes or other recommendations that they would like to share?

Thank you.

Posted by Kent
Pacific Northwest
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The walk along the lakeside at Varenna, this is the one featured in Rick's videos and is as good as shown in those.

Posted by Leslie H
Northborough, MA
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We hiked in the mountains directly above Bellagio. It was an absolutely spectacular day, although most of the trails are old stone donkey paths, which are hard on the feet and ankles.

Posted by Gela
San Jose, CA, USA
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I just loved riding the ferry slowly up the lake (from Como). Viewing the beautiful villas that line the lake and then stopping off in Bellagio for a glorius lunch and shopping spree.

Posted by Mr. Itchy
Bend, Oregon, USA
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We plan to take the ferry from Como to Cadenabbia. If it is anything like the ferry on Lake Geneve from Vevey to Chillon in Switzerland, it's why we go on vacation.


Posted by Suzi
New Braunfels, TX, USA
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We just returned from Bellagio after an 18 day trip across Europe. Bellagio was by far our favorite stop. Go see Bruno at Bellagio Point for wine. He hand paints the bottles and they are one of my very favorite souvenirs that I brought back. You can go to bellagiopoint.com to take a look at some of his bottles. The wine is fabulous as well!

We ate 2 nights in a row outside by the lake at Hotel Florence. The food is wonderful!

Posted by Kathleen
Manhattan Beach, CA, USA
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Oh, gosh, I can't believe I'm giving away our secret spot, but here goes--too wonderful to keep to ourselves. From Varenna you can take short day trips north to Morbegno (1/2 hr) and Chiavenna (1 hr) by train. I imagine you can go from Como as well. They are in 2 wide valleys--Valtellina and Valchiavenna, not far, but a world away. We went in 2005 after reading an article in Travel & Leisure--you can do a search at their website & see photos. In Morbegno there is an amazing deli at the top of the main street that has been open since the 1880's, that has caves going back into the hillside where they age wine, cheese and salami, & you can wander the caves at your leisure. There were NO tourists and no English speakers in either town. In Chiavenna they were having a huge annual wine festival and the wine caves were open to the public. We wandered both towns for hours, and were in Morbegno at passegiata. Amazing atmosphere, food & wine in both places. The people were so kind and helpful, really friendly--kind of as amazed at us as we were with them. The real, non-tourist European deal. The best memories of our entire trip. Don't tell anybody, ok?

Posted by Laurie
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Hey Kit,

We stayed at Eremo Gaudio (the place with the million dollar view in Varenna. I am so glad we cancelled our stay at Hotel Bellagio and took the advise from R.S. and people on the helpline to stay in Varenna. There were a couple of highlights. 1)We bought our bread, salami,cheese,wine, and homemade applecake from a little Italian lady who had a "Salamaria" on the way into town from the Eremo. Going into town from the hotel, it is on the left, near the tobaccaria, which has lots of good stuff too, and internet access.
2) Beyone Eremo Gaudio is the cemetary. This sounds weird, but it is amazingly beautiful. Some of the families mausoleums (spelling?)up on the hillside were like fancy condos. There are golden statues,vintage photos,fresh flowers, and a nice view of the Fumio Latte (River of Milk-to the south)in the park. From there, we chose to walk up about 500 steps to the top of Eremo Gaudio instead of taking the two cool funiculars. We were told there were 300 steps but I counted and they were wrong.

Check it out!
Laurie Donna

Posted by Mr. Itchy
Bend, Oregon, USA
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Laurie: I am on the same page as you. Some of the most fascinating spots in Mexico are the cemetaries. Thanks.

Posted by linda
new philadelphia
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The Milky River was an unexpected surprise. We find ourselves telling the story of our hike up the Milky River whenever we tell anyone about our trip. But I just read that it only runs May through October. Better verify this fact before you make the hike, if your traveling November to April.

Posted by Amy
Los Angeles, CA
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In Como, take the funicular to Brunate. Unbelievable scenery -- you're up so high you can see over the next mountain ridge to see the valley beyond it -- just spectacular.

Have fun!

Posted by Mr. Itchy
Bend, Oregon, USA
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Thanks, Amy. I will certainly keep Brunate in mind. However, we will arrive in Como in the evening & likely take the ferry to Canabbia later the next morning. But an early morning funicular ride might be in order weather permitting.