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Best day trips from Florence to Tuscan town

Hi all,

I would like suggestions for a really good day trip from Florence to a Tuscan town close by. I just have a day to enjoy the Tuscan beauty and would like to go to the best one :) Also, if possible,I would like to bike within the town to enjoy it.

Couple more questions around the above one-
Will I have to rent a car to go to get there?
Is yes- Do we need an additional license or is US license adequate?
Where can I rent a car?

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Go to Lucca where you can bike the ramparts. You can reach the town by train. US citizens need an International Drivers Permit (IDP). There is some debate as to whether or not you need an IDP. Legally you need one, even if the rental car doesn't ask for one. It only cost $10-15, available at any AAA office. Get one and save yourself any hassles.

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Biking is great in Lucca. Keep in mind though, this is not a "hill town" so their are no 'classic views' of the Tuscan countryside from the edge of town and the whole town is small & has a very different feel from the hill towns which I found more magical, unique, & true to all the pictures I've seen over the years of Tuscany. The views from the hilltowns & just walking through all the alleys & streets is well worth the extra time it takes to get to some of them.

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There is no "biking" within hilltop towns. They are too small to enjoy this activity. The above posters are correct however, if you want to bike, then Lucca has the ramparts to bike around the old town.

You can find day bike trips out of Florence...biking from the city to a hilltop town, or to a wine tasting. They make this bike trip as easy as possible. Simply do a google search for "bike Florence Italy Tuscany" or any combination of words and check out the websites you find. Two I know of are: and You can contact them prior to your departure to arrange your trip.

you won't need a car if you bike there...and if you skip the biking, you can get there by bus, not train, most of the most enjoyable hilltop towns don't have train service!

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Thanks, By reading your posts, I think I might be missing out on a hilltown if I wanted to bike. I can go away with biking, I am fine with that.
Could you please suggest me some good tuscan hilltown ? Will I have to drive there or take a train?

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Cortona is a town that is fairly easy to get to by train. The train stops at Camucia and then you take the bus about 15 minutes up to the town. It is just over an hour from Florence and trains run fairly frequently.

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Word of advice, don't stay in Florence. You'll save 50-75% on the cost of your hotel by staying in Siena. And Siena is closer to all of the great Tuscan hill towns, and closer to Umbria too.

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If you stay in Florence take the bus to Siena.However I agree its better to stay in Siena and bus to Florence.The bus ride is about 1 hr.Siena after the daytrippers leave is magic.