best area in Verona to stay?

I don't know why I'm struggling so to find a place to stay in Verona (preferably in the 100 dollar/night range, although I'll go higher to get a good location). Very simple is fine. The search engines (like booking.doc, eurocheapo, etc) break the town into so many districts, I'm not having much luck figuring out what's near various sites. My interests are medieval, International Gothic, and Renaissance art/historic buildings/old town. No interest in Romeo and Juliet. This will be my first visit to Verona. I'll be there midweek, for 3 days, in mid October. Is Erbe Plaza an area I should look at? Other suggestions?

Posted by Angela
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Its preferable to stay near piazza bra or near castle Vecchio. But it won't be all that cheap.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Sherry, I'd suggest staying near Piazza Bra, as it's a bit closer to the station and there are lots of nice restaurants in that area. However, Piazza Erbe is not much farther. One favourite with many is (book well in advance). If you're travelling solo, the price should be within your range. I stayed at on my last visit, and was very pleased with my stay there. It's in a great location just off Piazza Bra. As I recall, I took the Bus from the station when I arrived, but had the hotel arrange a Taxi when I departed (can't recall why I used that method). Happy travels!

Posted by Maggie
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Sherry, I'm in Verona now, and this is my fourth year here. Previous years I have stayed near Castle Vecchio, this year I'm staying in an apartment near Piazza Erbe and it is by far my favourite location. The old part of Verona is not huge, you can walk everywhere easily, indeed that's the best way to see everything.
The area where I'm staying is the very heart of the old town and I think, given what you have said you're interested in, that you'd like it here too. The RS guidebook for Venice has a section on Verona with some suggestions for hotels- and some people I know were happy in the Hotel Europa which is just off Piazza Bra. You might consider an apartment, the one I'm in is part of an old palace, I'll have to find the link for you.

Posted by Michael
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We absolutely love Verona! We've stayed there twice, both times at the same place which is often under 100 euros a night. Residenza Carducci. It's in Veronetta, just a couple of blocks on the other side of the river from the historic center. Verona is indeed very compact so it's not as important to stay right in the center. Check it out.

Posted by karren
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Stay on Piazza Erbe at Hotel Aurora. You won't regret it.

Posted by Brad
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Check out Rick's recommendations, he normally picks places near the old center - that's where you want to be. We stayed at Villa Francescatti, which is a hostel walking distance from downtown. It was a neat old building and they let us park our car for free. They have a family room, as well as classic hostel dorm rooms segregated by sexes. It's cheap and convenient but hard to recommend. It's a very basic hostel. The showers had unacceptable water pressure. You have to cup your hands under the shower head to get enough water away from the wall to clean yourself.