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Beragmo questions

I will be arriving by train in Beragmo in late April 2019. I plan to buy a local transportation ticket at (Tabacci shop/train station?) and travel by bus #1 toward Couple Aperto and get off at the Cita Alta stop. From there I will walk (? which way) and find the Vigillio funicular to ride to the top and see the views. Here is my question (assuming I have the previous correct):

1) Can I buy one ticket to take the bus to Cita Alta, funicular to Vigillio, and funicular back down to Cita Alta if I can do that within 75 minutes? Is that reasonable. I do not expect to spend much time in Vigillio just the view.

2) Is the view at Vigillio worth it? Would you recommend going to Vigillo? We have the whole day. It is a side trip from Varenna (4 nights in Varenna). We enjoy hiking and could spend more time in Vigillio if there is an interesting hike/attraction.
I plan to walk from Cita Alta down to the train station at the end of my day.

3) What was a lunch spot you enjoyed in Cita Alta?

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