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Bay of Bari?

Anyone know about the Bay of Bari (sp?) Near town of Murge (sp?) Italy? Nancy

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Bari is the major city of the Puglia region. It is on the Adriatic coast.

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hmmm...Bari is a major port...but I haven't heard of it called a "bay" before.

I know of three towns called Murge - certainly in the general area of Italy, but not very close to Bari is in Basilicata (near Lauria), one is in Campania near Avellino....and there is a MINERVINO Murge in the Bari province of is not really near Bari on the coast though - it is inland on the border of Campania really. (we have a vacation home about an hour and a half from there if you'd like any specifics on the area).