Baggage check at Leaning Tower

Could someone please advise whether or not the lockers located at the Leaning Tower are big enough to store a wheeled carry on luggage bag or are they only big enough to accommodate a day bag/knapsack size? Thanks.

Posted by Robert
Tampa, FL, USA
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They won't hold your wheeled luggage. You'd have to use the baggage check at Pisa Central for that

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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From the Pisa Airport, you'll take a train to the main train station, Pisa Central. That's where you'd check your bag into storage. The Tower and the cathedral are the big two tourist sights in town.
We just grabbed a train over to Florence (1 hr.) and didn't go into Pisa last year.

Posted by Larry
Elk Grove, CA, USA
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Kathy, as mentioned above, there is a great staffed left luggage facility at the Pisa Centrale train station. Many large train stations in Italy do this. No lockers. For our experience at this facility, we checked our luggage in and they made copies of my passport picture and placed one copy with each piece of luggage. The luggage is stored on shelves behind a counter. I needed to show my passport to get our luggage back. If its still in the same place, you turn right as you get off the train and walk down to the last two buildings on your left. Go between those two buildings and viola!. About 4E-5E per bag. You can then either walk to and from the leaning tower or take the local bus across from the train station.