B&B Recommendation in Milan

I'd like to recommend an eco-sustainable bed and breakfast in Milan, whose owner - Roberto - went out of his way over a two-week period to help us sort through some very confusing and vexing details we encountered trying to navigate our way through information on the Trenitalia and Alitalia websites.

We were planning to spend three nights at his Belcanto B&B, but because of the airline's unacceptable - and misleading - baggage policies (as we eventually learned), we now will be flying to Hungary instead. He not only took the time to review the carrier's policies for us, but phoned its customer service office (more than once), as well as Trenitalia on our behalf. He also spoke with a pilot friend of his in an effort to get some solid clarity to questions left unanswered on the carrier's website. He didn't have to do this - especially for folks who may never be his guests - yet he did. In my book, that speaks highly of his generosity and interest in his guests' (and potential guests') needs. His English is also impeccable.

So no, we will not have the opportunity to enjoy Roberto's hospitality, but if you're looking for a place to lay your head for a few nights in Milan, take a look at Belcanto. The website address is: http://www.belcantobeb.com.

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