B&B near Naples

I'm looking for B&B ideas near Naples. I'm open to ideas but was thinking about something rural, maybe a wine farm, that has hiking or trails, hills, lates, etc.. that are nearby, possibly that has access to bikes too. Couple other questions i have: I have found lists of B&B but their websites are often in Italian. Is it hard to find places that speak English? Are there any good sites for finding and researching B&Bs? Thx!

Posted by Michael
Seattle, WA, USA
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You might try airbnb.com. You also might consider Sorrento. That way you can easily take the train into Naples, which I'm assuming you'll want to visit. Good luck.

Posted by Jon
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Hi Mike, Thanks for the resource. i found that i can search on google and get a number of results that are not on airbnb.com. However, there are quite a few of them that dont have english on there website. Is it common that a number of the B&B dont speak english and that i need to stick to ones that have english? thanks again. jon