Awkward Arrival in Venice

We're a group of 8 arriving Marco Polo airport at 1145 am on a Friday after an overnight flight from Atlanta. Our religious guesthouse in the Castello area is closed between 1-6 pm. There's presumably no way to clear the airport and get to the guesthouse by 1 to dump our bags and wash up. And we leave the next Monday morning. I believe there's no actual glassblowing demos on Murano on weekends. So I'm thinking of spending the afternoon by hiring a water taxi to take us from the airport to Murano to Burano to central Venice. We don't have all the money in the world to spend, but with 4 couples maybe it wouldn't be too outrageously expensive. Do any of you have a better idea? And does anyone know if there's a travelers' shower at the airport? The airport's online brochure mentions a spa; I've emailed them to ask if that includes a shower we could pay to use, but have gotten no answer. Thanks for any help.

Posted by Jeff
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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That arrival time is unfortunate. You're right--it is unlikely that you would be able to get out of the airport and get a water taxi to take you to your guesthouse before 1. The plan of going from Murano to Burano and then to central Venice does sound pricey. These are not extremely short trips you're taking--and would the taxi wait while you explored the islands? I've always taken the vaporettos, so those take longer and perhaps are playing into my thinking. Referring to my notes from last May's trip, I paid e125 for 8 of us to go from central Venice (hotel on the Grand Canal near the Accademia Bridge) to the airport. The trip took approximately 30 minutes. I'd be interested in knowing what others have paid.

Posted by Linda
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It is likely that this hurdle has the potential to ruin your whole first day. Water taxis are inordinately expensive, and if you don't pay to keep it with you, you will have to drag your luggage all over Murano, etc.
I suggest
1. Call or email the guesthouse and see if you can at least leave luggage...or
2. Find other accomodations... it could be cheaper in the long run ...or
3. Rent one room elsewhere for the first night and use it for luggage and to shower if you want.

Hope this helps...Linda