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Availability of hair dryers and irons

I am getting ready to head out on a 2 month adventure in Italy. I will be staying at many of the very small places from Rick's books. I am trying to pack as light as possible. Will most of these 4-5 room hotels have hair dryers and irons available? I have travel size versions of both but would prefer not to carry them around all fall.

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In recent years we have seen more and more of the small B&Bs provide hair dryers in the room. And if they don't often a loaner will be available from the owner. As for irons we have not seen them in rooms BUT we don't any need for iroms so dnn't know if always available from the owner. I would suggest your focus on clothing that doesn't need an iron. The need for an iron kind of implies cotton clothing. In our opinion cotton clothing should be avoid at nearly all costs. And a US irm with a converter does not work all that well.

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Anne I think you will find as Frank stated most accomodations will have hair dryers in the room & if not ask the front desk/proprietor for a loaner. Again don't know about irons as have never used one. I pack mostly non wrinkle clothing or wear my clothes wrinkled.

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Don't rely on others for your needs, frankly it just isn't convenient. They may have them to lend but it is so much easier to be self sufficient espec with a 2 month trip. lucky you and enjoy.

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Last year the hair dryers were in the rooms, but not always work very well. not the same intensity of heat. I pack a travel dryer.

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All the small hotels my daughter and I stayed in this summer had hair dryers; none had irons. I nearly packed a travel iron ($20 from Target) but didn't want the extra weight. If you're a bit wrinkled, you won't be out of place.

I took a lot of cotton, BTW, and wouldn't have had it any other way. Too hot for anyting else. Because of the wrinkle factor, however, I did avoid linen.

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If you must have a hair dryer - take one. I find it best to just "air dry" since the humidity will do what it wishes with your hair.

Take Downey's wrinkle release spray instead of an iron. Hang your clothes up, give them a spray, and let the humidity be your iron.

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Our experience with small hotels in Italy is somewhat different from that of the other commenters: we found that, unlike in the US, a surprising number of smaller hotels in Italy do not have hairdryers or irons. If you need these, you should bring your own.

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you can buy a european hairdryer quite cheaply in europe. i think i paid 6 euros for mine. i don't pack anything that needs ironing!

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I just found a travel hair dryer for $3 that converts to european voltage. I found it at a small locally owned variety store. or you can get online and google travel hair accessories. I found dual voltage electric rollers once this way, they are very light weight too.

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Anne - since you already know where you will be staying simply email them and ask whether they have hair dryers and irons. I have not taken a hairdryer for they past 4 years. In Sicily this past year there was only one place where I had to get the hairdryer from the B&B host. Probably you wouldn't find hairdryers available in hostels, but even the 3 room B&B that Rick recommends in Lucca had a very nice bathroom setup complete with hairdryer. Yes, I own a travel hairdryer but I have the same complaint (it is not the same/not as powerful as the one I use every day) that might come from using a hairdryer provided by the hotel.

Can't address the topic of an iron. I know I look pretty wrinkled at some points in my trip but it doesn't bother me that much. I really do enjoy not having to add one more electronic device to the packing list.

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I was told that irons were not allowed in rooms because of a fire hazzard. One was available in only one place I stayed and that was an apartment. One hotel had a laundry room where I could use the iron there.