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Audio Tour

I'd like to take Rick's Italy audio tours on my trip this fall. I do not own an iPod, but plan to buy one. How big should I buy -- is the smallest at 4GB big enough or do I need to go bigger?

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A $79 4GB iPod Shuffle can hold between 500 and 1,000 normal-length songs. Its storage capacity is sufficient for all of the Rick Steves Italy audio tours, with plenty of extra space for music, podcasts, and audiobooks. As an example, the R.S. Pantheon audio tour is only about 20MB in size.

Another Apple option is the $149 iPod Nano, with 8GB of storage and a small video screen. This gives you the additional ability to watch TV shows and movies.

To help decide, you might ask yourself how you plan to use your mp3 player during the trip, and afterward. And, don't forget to look into the numerous travel-related podcasts (including Rick Steves).

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I would say also, that it depends on what else you want to use it for - after the trip, for music, etc.? We used RS's audiotours for Venice,Florence,Rome-all the museums and places to see there. All we had was a little off-brand mp3 player and all that fit just fine. I do remember some people saying w/a bigger, better screen, you can see the picture of what RS is talking about as you take the "tour."