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Attire in October

Do women wear jeans in Italy? My friends have differing opinions.

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Yes, women wear jeans in Italy. It is an age thing though. Young women wear them, older women do not. Tourists of all ages wear them.

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Yes women wear jeans in Italy, however, I rarely see "mature" women, i.e., over 30 wearing them. Also, jeans are really heavy, impossible to wash quickly and can be really hot to wear even in the Fall.

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Wouldn't recommend wearing jeans, no matter what your age. 1) They're heavy and hard to dry if you end up having to wash them. 2) Take more room in suitcase than other pants. 3) Not all that commonly worn by European women in public (i.e. downtown) places. Try instead taking a pair of knit or khaki dark or khaki-colored pants.

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Yes, women wear jeans in italy. I will disagree with a previous post. My Italian Aunt who is almost 50 wears jeans. She is about a size 8-10. My other Aunt who is more traditional and heavier does not wear jeans, she doesn't even wear pants...only skirts. The young girls wear very fashonable "skinny jeans". Italian women really don't wear chinos. Chinos or Kahkis are very American in my opinion. If you want to wear jeans, which is more than fine for traveling about, find ones that fit in all the right places. You can wear bootcut, trouser-style, etc. just make sure they aren't slouchy. Also, I have a few pairs of lightweight jeans...very very comfortable and don't take as long to dry. In the end, bring more than just jeans.

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We were in Italy last fall and was surprised that everyone except people on the way to work seemed to be wearing jeans. They wear designer jeans, nice looking, and most of the women seemed to be wearing heels with them.

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Yes, Italian women do wear jeans. You are less likely to see light blue and stonewashed jeans in Europe and more likely to see darker colors.

I see some people recommended against taking jeans. I have completely the opposite opinion. I practically only wear jeans when I travel. I find them great for traveling ... they don't show dirt. Spill a little something on them and no one notices. They are comfortable and you don't have to worry about wrinkles. And I don't find them too heavy or hot. Yes, they don't dry overnight, so you just need to wash them when you are staying a couple of nights in a town ... or take them to the laundry. I do bring other slacks too, but usually find I wear the jeans more often.

However, it really doesn't matter what I think. I'm assuming that you asked the question because you are thinking about taking jeans to Italy. If you wear jeans at home when you travel, it will be no issue wearing them in Italy. Enjoy your trip.

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I regret not taking jeans. Take one pair dark in color, not baggy seems to be the style even the Italian women and men wear them. Just dress it up.

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Like Stacey & Clinton say on TLC's "What Not To Wear"...
Beware the BAD MOM JEANS!

Checkout their website. Helps you choose the right jeans/clothes for your body type!