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attire for april in rome and venice

What is the proper attire for tourists in april in Rome and Ve ice. I have a friend who says that shorts and jeans are not appropriate for museaums. any suggestions?

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I say nice, (not scruffy) jeans are fine, with a nicer top -- not a logo t-shirt (this goes for women and men). I would guess that it will not be super-hot in either city in April, so I would leave the shorts (and tank tops) at home, particularly if you plan to visit any churches where they are not allowed -- and there are millions of churches in Italy. Wearing them will be inconvienent, not to mention make you conspicuous.

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Layer dressing, a jacket and a pashmina for when it is cooler. No shorts, but jeans are fine. I took a microfiber above knee jacket and was glad to have extra, lightweight warmth on a few occasions. Rome should be warm enough. Of course we look like tourists, but try to be a smartly dressed tourist. It doesn't weigh any more in the suitcase to have attractive clothes, and you will feel good. Invariably, I climb a tower when wearing a skirt!! Silly me.

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We just got back from Rome, Florence and Venice. I saw very few people in shorts (not that it was shorts weather), but I was very surprised to see so many native Italians in what looked like winter coats, since it was in the 60 degree range. Many of the women were wearing jeans with high boots on top. Lots of scarves and pashminas. I was fine in mostly jeans and a lightweight fleece coat with short and long sleeve (nice) tee shirts and jeans, and my husband wore a fleece jacket, jeans and polo shirts. We felt appropriate whereever we went.

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Sherry - weather today in Rome was clear, beautiful and 66 degrees - a perfect day. I cut through St. Peter's today on an errand and most folks were in jeans and short-sleeve shirts. Of those folks in line for the basilica at 10 AM, almost everyone under 30 had on jeans! Cutting through piazza Navonna I saw no shorts today...

Most folks older than 50 were carrying a light coat or sweater. Most were not wearing jeans - saw a lot of khaki type pants on men and slacks on older women.

The Italians in the group, as Christy pointed out, were wearing the "bulky" looking coats that seem unseasonably warm to us. They sure have a high tolerance for heat - I'd already peeled my "light motorino jacket" off!

You can wear jeans into museums but no shorts in churches where they enforce a "dress policy." Dress so YOU feel comfortable... keeping in consideration the church limitations if that's your path!