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ATMS in Italy with PIN starting with zero

I just read in the newest Fodor's Italy (shh, don't tell Steve) that PINs beginning with a zero usually will not work in Italian ATMs. We are leaving in a week. Has anyone had a problem with this? Thanks.

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This kind of question pops up regularly on this forum. I don't know why it never ceases. What you heard is just a rumor and it's not true. You can have all zeroes if you want. I even checked with several friends of mine who work as bankers in Italy.

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Urban legend. Fodor's should be ashamed of themselves to repeat it.

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If it were true one of my cards wouldn't work. It always does. Pure piffle.

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Linda, This question has been asked several times in the past and in every case, there was no substance to the rumours. Fodor's Italy is not correct on this point (AFAIK). Here are a few weblinks on the subject..... (scroll down to the reply from StCirq - although these replies are a bit dated, it seems that they disagree with the other information from Fodors). You may also find it helpful to have a look at: You could also check with your Bank, as they should have information on whether the leading zero will be a problem. Happy travels!

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Thank you all for the replies. I was feeling pretty good about the "zero" issue until I called Bank of America this morning to give them my travel dates, and their travel robo said that PINS starting in "zero" may not work. AARGH!

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Trouble is Ken, it is the banks that keep the rumor going. I think it is part of the CYA attitude. They always say, "May" that way they are safe. If there is a problem, they can say we told you so. If no problem, we only said may. Leading zeros have not been a problem for about 30 years. They were a problem when debit cards were first introduced but didn't last for more than year or so.