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ATMS and transaction fees for Australians traveling in Europe

We are traveling in Paris and Rome and are wondering what Bank ATM machines would be best to use when withdrawing money that have little or no fees for Australians?

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I think it is more your bank in Australia which may set the fees so it may be worth asking them which banks they are affiliated with. We had a National Bank account for a long time and used it to withdraw cash out of machines.

The cost, in the overall scheme of the cost of the trip, is relatively minimal - I think about 4 euros a transaction. So assuming you go to an ATM a few times a week, it should only cost you about 10 euros a week.

Try not to waste precious time looking for a particular bank´s ATM.

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As Liz mentioned, it's primarily your home Bank that determines the foreign ATM withdrawal fees. You can check with them for the details. It would also be a good idea to let them know you'll be travelling so they don't "flag" your card and de-activate it!

Some travellers minimize the withdrawal fees by making fewer withdrawals but taking larger amounts each time. If you choose that approach, be sure to use a Money Belt, as it wouldn't be a good situation to have a large amount of cash "nicked" by a petty thief!

Note that usually your funds have to be in a Chequing account, using a four number PIN.

Happy travels!

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This has been repeated many many times. There is absolutely no charge by the owner of the ATM for using the ATM in Europe. I think there is an European law/regulation against that. All fees are determine by your credit/debit card issuer AND the fee charge by the network to process your card. On the US sides fees up to 3% are fairly common with some cards charging no fees beyond the network fee. CHECK with your bank for this info.