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ATM'S in Sorrento- Sicily

How is the ATM's service in Sorrento ? Any sugestion what bank to go?



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Any bank, in any town, will have ATM's in Italy! In the smallest town you will find ATM's........and they are like here.....all over the place, and not necesarily at a bank. But the ones at the banks are the most secure. When we were in Sorrento the one we used the most was right on the main square. Sometimes we had to que up to use the machine (just like here.)

Don't worry........just pick one and use it. Just don't take over thiry seconds to accomplish each part of your transaction.....or "woosh".......the machine will suck in your card, and you may have to wait until the next day, when the bank opens, to retrieve it! I found this out when we were in Trieste, and I sat there yaking with my friends while I was doing a piece of a more card! Now the Boss and I carry two different cards, just in case I screw up again!

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Good idea to carry 2 cards. My husband and I always do. In Sorrento, ATM's were not a problem and were found everywhere. In Sicily, we felt safer using the ATM's at the Post Office. They are usually in every average sized town. Make sure the ATM's are associated with the Post office or a bank. They often have the best rates or none at all.


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We are in Sorrento right now and every American we have run into is having great difficulty getting money from ANY atm. This morning we met another couple (at an atm) and decided to hire a taxi and take an 'atm tour'. MANY banks later we each got some money. Between the four of us we had 8 different bank cards. No one other than folks from the US seem to be having this problem. My advice - stock up before getting to Sorrento or make sure banks are open when you need cash!