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ATM's in Sorrento

Just a warning...we have had enormous difficulty accessing atm's with our credit cards (4 different ones!)in Sorrento. We've run into several other Americans (at atm's)dealing with the same problem. Calls to bank card issures in the States have been of no help. Today we met another couple, hired a taxi and went on an 'atm tour'- finally got some money. Other nationalities aren't having the same problem.

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Since you are in Sorrento now, can you tell me if there is garbage/trash problem in the streets or surrounding areas?

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What cards/network are each of your cards on? Are they just "debit" cards?

Did you try the ATM's at the banks?

We were in Rome and Puglia a few weeks ago, and our WaMu debit card (Master card on the Star network) worked fine, anywhere we went.

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Just left Sorrento - no trash troubles. It's a beautiful town. Trash and fires are bad up around Naples and Pompeii (although not around the ruins)

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I have been to Sorrento 4 times, most reciently April 2007, using a plane old ATM not debit card or credit card and have never had a problem using them (3 differnt bank accounts) at a ATM machine there. I bank with small banks and at times when it is around midnight at home (California time) the ATM may not work for about 30 minutes while the update their system, but it always works a little later (same machine too). At least I think they are updating their machines, I really have no way to know. This has happened three times, , in LB Vally, in Murren Switzerland and in Venice Italy. I know in both places the machine was not out of cash as others were able to get money. I never wait until I'm out of cash to "tank up" Joanne

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No trash problem at all - everything is beautiful!!!

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ATM's in Sorrento - we were trying to use credit cards issued by Chase and CitiBank. Lots of problems in Sorrento - none in Rone.

We were in Naples and Herculeum yesterday - NO trash and NO fire problems. All is well.