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ATM Pin#

Someone told me that if your pin# starts with 0, it doesn't work at some ATMs- is it true?

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Gosh I have not heard that before. Most ATM's over here accept any 4-digit code. My wife banks with Banca Intesa/San Paulo and her code is 5 digits... but she has an Italian acoount and an Italian Bancomat Card...

I'll ask folks I know at the embassy but I'm not sure why it WOULD NOT work. Since ATM's are my lifeline here (and your best exchange rates) I would change my PIN just to be safe. Also remember that many ATM's here DO NOT have letters on the keyboard so "spelling out" your number code wil not help you in Italy.

If I find an answer to your question, I'll send you a reply.

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May - I remember hearing this a long time ago but I can tell you for certain that our pin# does start with 0 and we have had no problem using our cards for the past 10 years (including Italy this past summer).

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Not true. I have an ATM card with a PIN number that starts with zero and it works just fine. There have been previous posts on this board from people who also have cards with the pin number beginning with zero. They have no problems either. What you must do is make sure that your PIN number does not exceed 4 numbers. European ATM machines normally will not accept more than 4 numbers. Also, you may want to get rid on any letters in the PIN or memorize which number on the pad you push for that letter. European ATM machines do not have the letters of the alphabet on their keypads.

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i have been using my atm which starts with 0 for the last 2 weeks in italy and have had no problems . good luck :):)

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Not true. My pin starts with 0 and I had no problem.

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Speaking of ATM's we had an ATM problem on our recent trip--we've heard that you should phone your bank to let them know if you're traveling overseas but we usually don't and have never had a problem. This trip we did. After a couple of transactions we were blocked from using our ATM card and couldn't get in touch with our bank to fix it. Fortunately we had enough cash to get by--we learned a valuable lesson and will call our bank before we travel from now on. Apparently banks have had more fraudulent activity with overseas transactions and are being more restrictive.