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ATM at Airport?

Does anyone know if there is an ATM at the Leonardo da Vinci airport? I'd rather not buy Euro's here if I can help it, and will need some cash to get from the Airport to Termini. Thanks!

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There is an ATM right in the Customs area in the C terminal (which is where you come in if you are arriving directly from the US). Look across from one of the baggage belts to see it.

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Be sure to contact you bank to let them know that you will be making withdrawls in Europe. Advise them of your travel dates. Nothing worse than needing immediate cash and getting blocked on your first try as your bank suspects fraud.

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I just learned today that an ATM card for making withdrawls from a savings account probably will not work at ATM's in Europe. I'm told the first place that is sought out is a checking account for a bank or a share draft account for a credit union. Anyway, I just opened the later and now have a debit card which I'm told will work.