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My husband and I are planning our first trip to Italy from the states this coming October. This is our third attempt with COVID(fingers crossed).

We will be spending 4 full days in Rome, a few days in Florence and then Padua or Venice.

We would like to spend a night in Assisi to visit the monastery/ Hermitage.
We will be traveling from Rome on the train with our luggage. Not sure how to best plan this with only one night.
Any suggestions are appreciated.
We are in our 60’s but love to walk and hike.

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Once you are in Assisi, you head out of the city center. We drove. It was a beautiful setting and we were so glad we included this part of Assisi.

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Get a cab from the train station to your hotel. I GREATLY RECOMMEND Istituto Beata Angelina. It is right across from the Basilica. Ask for a room on the side with a view.

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Not sure what you mean by the "monastery/hermitage".
The train station is down the hill from the main part of the town - maybe a half mile away by taxi. Once there the city is pretty compact as far as the notable sites go, with the Basilica only a short, relatively level, walk from anywhere in the center.
The church of San Damiano is located a little further away - down the hill below the Porta Nuova. Unless you really want to get in a workout you might be better advised to take a taxi down to it.

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I just got back from Assisi. The train station is about 4 km from the city proper and downhill. If you're arriving during regular hours, there's a bus that runs from the train station up to the city and is cheap otherwise, a taxi is the way to go. There are three churches that I really liked - the Basilica of St. Francis, the Basilica of St. Claire (Santa Chiara) and St. Rufino. I believe all three are open all day. Many of the smaller churches are only open in the morning or are closed for 2 hours or so at lunch time. Be sure to check the hours before scheduling the train.

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The hermitage is known as the Carceri. It is 4 miles from Assisi, and an uphill walk. Easiest accessed by taxi.