Arriving very late into Rome

My husband and I will be arriving on our flight into FCO airport from the US late in the evening. Our flight lands at 11:30 pm. It will be our first time in Rome and we plan to stay there for 3 nights total before venturing to the rest of the country. I am concerned with where we should stay that night. I realize that it will be quite late at night after we gather our bags and get out of the airport. I was wondering if perhaps it would be best for us to just stay a night at a hotel near the airport then do the rest of our traveling the next morning into town. I'm sure we will be tired. Or, we could just tough it out and arrive at our hotel very late, where we could at least stay for the next 3 days... I was hoping to take the train, but then again it being so late I would be concerned about safety. Thoughts/suggestions/recommendations appreciated. Thanks! -Emily

Posted by SamSn
Scottsdale, AZ, USA
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I would arrange for an airport transfer to take me directly to my hotel in the center of Rome. You will have missed the last Leonardo Express train from the airport. While there is shuttle service I would arrange for an airport transfer to take you directly to your hotel in the city center. After a long day of travel you will appreciate being dropped at your hotel's door. Wake up the next morning ready to hit the streets of Rome!

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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I always book flights that will get me into Europe first thing in the morning. I take my time getting to the hotel, and will often take a nap before hitting the city streets on foot. Leaving Europe, I never book any of those 6:00 a.m. departing flights as they usually fly you to an Europe gateway city where you'll sit around all morning. I'm always looking for a 10:30-12:00 noon flight direct to the U.S. And when going to Rome, I always look at for his great advice on everything to do with the city.
Rome's best seen by subway and city buses. They're an efficient way to travel throughout the region, and keep from walking one's legs off.

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Don't bother to stay near the airport the night of arrival, just go by taxi to the hotel of your choice in the city center. Going to the city center won't take you much longer than going to an airport hotel and that way you don't have to waste time changing hotels the next day. The taxi ride to downtown is very short, less than 30 min. at that time of day, and costs about 50 euros. Taxis operate at the airport 24h/day. The taxi is probably the best choice for 2 people with bags anyhow, even during the day. The train will still cost you 28 euro (14 euro/each) plus, unless your hotel is at the station, you'll need a taxi from the station to the hotel.

Posted by Frank
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Safety is not a big issue. But it would make sense for a taxi. Taxi fares are fixed. It is 48E during daylight and something higher for night. Ask the starter at the taxi que. Make sure you know the fare before you get in. At that time of night it will be a quick ride.

Posted by Robert
Liberty, Missouri
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Sorry but what is your routing on your flights? Something seems a little odd that you would arrive that late into Rome from Houston. Unless you have a really long layover somewhere along the way. Just wondering as a red flag went up for me. Otherwise the advice you have received looks good. Take a taxi to your Hotel.

Posted by Emily
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Thank you for all the responses! I am glad to know that taking a cab will be easy and the best choice. We are actually flying through Istanbul on Turkish Airlines. Yes, I know it is out of the way, but the price was HALF of what the other airlines were charging, thanks to Turkish Airlines opening in Houston recently. We are not on time constraints and the overall flight time isn't too much longer than if we stopped domestically or in Western Europe.

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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I agree with the advice of Roberto and the others who said, just get in a taxi upon arrival. But I wanted to add that Turkish Air, while quite indirect for this routing, is a really nice airline. The food, particularly, is MUCH better than I've gotten in coach on other airlines. So, while you're going "the long way," at least it should be more pleasant than you might have expected.

Posted by David
Sacramento, CA, USA
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Emily- just use common sense. 1. Taxi or private car transfer into Rome. Confirm times with private transfer and expect to pay more to that hour (Taxi's I believe have a late night surcharge allowed by law so a private car company would do the same I expect). 2. Stay at a major hotel with 24 hr staff. A small family run hotel/BB may not be in love with a 2 am arrival and their night staff will probably be in bed. 3. Confirm and reconfirm the day before arrival as to your very late arrival time.

Posted by Gwynn
Abilene, TX, USA
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Emily, I just looked at that same flight yesterday while considering a trip for next year, but had concerns about the layover and late arrival. I would be interested in hearing how that all works out after you return.