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Arriving in Florence then driving throughout Tuscany and going to Venice

Hi there. We are arriving in Florence on August 15th but want to start our travels around Tuscany (Siena, Cortona, Arrezzo) in order to catch the Palio (horse race) in Siena on the 16th. If we rent a car in Florence and circle around Tuscany back to Florence, could we drop off our car in Florence and sightsee throughout Florence without a car? We then plan to go to Venice so is it best to drive from Florence to Venice or could we easily take a train? Thanks in advance!!!!!!!

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Yep. Kent's right - it will be crowded!

But WOW - you'll have a great time at the Palio; it's incredible! Yes, if you are coming into Florence by air, rent your car at the airport and then drive Tuscany (but not into downtown Florence!). When you're done driving through incredible countryside, head back to Florence and drop your car off at the airport and catch a taxi or bus into town to your hotel... And then take the train to Venice as you WILL NOT need a car in Florence or Venice! Wish I could make the Palio this year but we have a meeting on July 2 and friends arriving August 16! Have a GREAT time!


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Hinted above by Ron from Rome, do not drive in historical Florence. You may want to skip the cab ride into Florence and drive through there yourself. Big hint: Don't. Florence has numerous Zona Traffico Limitato zones. These are restricted areas with cameras that snap pictures of your license plate and then send you a very expensive ticket after you return home. If you drive into the areas you want to see, you'll most likely enter one or more of these zones. You'll get a ticket for each zone you enter.