Arezzo and Cortona

Is there a train that will take us to Arrezzo and Cortona from Florence center? What is the travel time? Thank you
Elsa K

Posted by Susanna
Charlotte, USA
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Elsa, I stayed in Arezzo Sept. 2012. I used Trenitalia to travel by train. One way from Arezzo to Camucia-Cortona was 3 Euro. I bought the tickets at the train station on my day of travel. Travel time was about 20 minutes. You then need to take a bus up to Cortona. From Arezzo I went to Florence (Firenze S.M.Novella). Cost was 7.10 Euro, but I had purchased the ticket on line prior to my trip. Travel time was 1 hour, 5 minutes. Here is the web site I used. PM me if you need more information. Happy travels, Susanna

Posted by Larry
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Elsa, the short answers are yes and no. Cortona does not have a train station. However, there is frequent bus transportation from the Camucia-Cortona train station. The regionale train to Camucia-Cortona stops at Arezzo on the way. Travel time is 1hr10min-1hr42min depending on the run. Some runs have a train change along the run but oddly, have some of the fastest travel times. Fare for 2nd class one-way is 9.80Euro - 12.80Euro again depending on the train run. If you travel on a regionale train, your ticket is good for 60 days. No train, departure time or seat assignments are on regionale tickets. You validate your ticket before boarding. The small validation machine puts a date and time on the ticket. I say this because once validated, your ticket is now good for 6 hours. I say this because you can get off at Arezzo, visit for awhile and then board a later regionale train going to Camucia-Cortona. Just make sure you arrive at your destination within 6 hours. Note that you cannot do this on the higher-speed trains that require seat reservations and specific departure times. Just the regionale trains.

Posted by Roberto
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Firenze-Arezzo duration and Base price. Regionale trains: 1h20m to 1h30m, Euro 7.80 o/w Regionale Veloce trains: ~1h, euro 7.80 Intercity or Freccia trains: 35m-40m, euro 11 Firenze-Cortona/Camucia Regionale: 1h40m euro 9.80
Regionale Veloce: 1h20m euro 9.80 Details in No reservations necessary on Regionale trains, also no discounts over the base price.